Our Company and Business Overview

We are an entrepreneurial specialty insurance company that since our founding in 2009 has built products, services and solutions with the goal of significantly improving the experience and value proposition for our customers. In our view, property and casualty insurance companies and the independent agents who typically distribute their products have operated under a model where carriers have little direct connectivity to their customers and as a result, often have a limited ability and incentive to understand and service customers’ needs, or to innovate and adapt as those insurance needs change. As such, insurance products have often been viewed by customers as a commodity and the value they provide has historically been difficult for customers to accurately assess. However, technological advances better allow customers to discern and demand value, and we believe the ability of the industry to respond to this changing customer dynamic has become increasingly challenged. In light of this, we founded ProSight, as a different type of insurer that leverages customized technology infrastructure, underwriting expertise and unique niche focus to develop products, services and solutions that deliver distinct value to customers in the manner they prefer.

Our Company is led by a highly experienced and entrepreneurial team with decades of insurance leadership experience at ProSight and other leading insurers. We write property and casualty insurance with a focus on underwriting specialty risks by partnering with a select number of distributors, often on an exclusive basis. We have a diverse business mix covering specialty niches within the seven customer segments in which we operate. We market and distribute our insurance product offerings in all 50 states on both an admitted and non-admitted basis. We are focused on delivering consistent underwriting profitability with low volatility of underwriting results.